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In  business terminology, "Blue Sky" refers to the value of an enterprise that comes from creativity, team work, careful planning, experience and long range vision.  A thriving business, with an established clientele, a desirable product, sound management, and healthy cash flow is worth many times the market value of its tangible assets. Blue Sky is the difference.

Blue Sky  is a group of colleagues and friends who  have lived and worked  in Texas' Big Bend for many years, and who have a diverse set of skills for designing, operating and marketing outdoor and nature oriented tourism products. We mostly operate in Texas and Mexico, but are not necessarily limited to those locations.   Collectivelly, we have decades of experience on a variety of interesting and successful projects, and though we are pretty busy most of the time, we are occasionally available to assist others in certain projects that we might believe in and develop an affinity for. In those cases, we offer a variety of services for anyone looking for multi disciplinary expertise and long term vision. 

This site is a platform to communicate  the eclectic interests of Mike Davidson.   I am working  to flesh out the travel articles, but I  travel so frequently that I am gone again before I have time to document my experiences adequately.  I plan to describe the various projects that I am working on, and provide more links to a variety of subjects ranging from water conservation and politics, planning trips to exotic destinations, and maybe even my opinions about pressing issues of the day and sell CDs for my band, Los Pinches Gringos del Norte.





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